Herman Giger

Florida Governor 2014


No change can be promised, if the promise is likely to turn out an empty one.

I am offering 4 years of my wonderful life to serve the State of Florida and the United States as the Florida Governor 2014-2018. Not more than a blunt vote grabber it would be to offer CHANGE. I will do whatever is in my Power to maintain the wealth of Floridians and to defend further effects on Downturns. I will carefully hear all sides of an issue at hand, weigh them all in, and come out with just fair conclusions.

We have seen in 2010 how a Governor prevails due to a high amount of Funds he invested,we also have seen on the rebound of another (party- defecting-) Governor,how meaningless/inefficient this 2-party system playsout and how unhelpful it is. WhenYouexaminethe Candidates,i suggest

to screen for Character,Dedicationwill, IQ,Education ,honorability and general life experience.

Pursuit of happiness, yes, but not at the costs of those who then would become less happy.

I would never tend to Marxism or communism, re-distribution of wealth and health, for me such actions would be an absolute abuse of office power as listed in the code penal.

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